Sumo Totem Vision

Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci

Original Piece by Arnaud Nazare-Aga

Sculpture of Sumo Totem in Resin & Fiberglass, Hand Painted with Acrylic & Gold Leaf, covered with anti-UV Marine Lacquer, Stainless Steel 


Sizes of Totem XL : (W x L x H) 91 x 156 x 372 cm for about 174 Kg
Total Height with Stand : 412 cm for 243 Kg

Shiko : 91 x 120 x 150 cm for about 46 Kg
Welcome : 91 x 156 x 130 cm for about 64 Kg
Dojo-Iri : 91 x 110 x 130 cm for about 64 Kg

Sizes of Stand Totem XL : (Diam x H) 140 x 40 cm for about 69 Kg

This Sumo Totem is one of the largest sculptures I have ever made and it represents many aspects of my vision of life. Composed of 4 elements assembled vertically towards the sky, this is my tribute to Leonardo da Vinci through a representation of Sumo wrestlers, East and West in Venice to mark the quincentenary of the master's death.

The Sumo is a fighter who stands out as very big for a sportsman, but instead of feeling threatened by his strength and body mass, we'd rather hug him and get his protection.

First of all, the totem rests on a round base that symbolizes the defined circle in which we exist, the ring of Sumo wrestlers fights and also the circle of protection necessary for a serene life.

In the center of this circle is firmly fixed Dojo-Iri, the first sumo that will support the other two. "Dojo" refers to a place where one realizes one's way, initially it was the word for the temples, later it also designated the martial arts training halls. "Iri" means to enter.

This sculpture has both feet anchored in the ground and both hands on the knees, which is the final position of the Sumo wrestler when he thanks his competitors. The sculpture represents all that. It is massive as a rock and symbolizes this immutable force and the discipline necessary to any spiritual or sporting progress. It is perfectly symmetrical, representing the balance of material and spiritual.

Leonardo da Vinci observed and represented the movements of water and hair, and later the liquids of the human body, during his anatomical studies. Water and blood are the basis of life, featured on this first piece that supports others.

The second Sumo, Welcome, has his two feet on Dojo-Iri's shoulders and is perfectly symmetrical as well. This Sumo with open arms inspires kindness and protection.

It is firmly fixed above the first one and thus has a higher vision and a greater open-mindedness. It bears the Vitruvian Man on a gold leaf, the symbol of universal harmony in physical and spiritual body of the human being.

Its genitals are pixelated as is often the case in our digital world. 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, this kind of censorship rises questions, when images of extreme violence are widely and freely spread. On his buttock features the word "harmony" in Japanese and Chinese.

The last Sumo "Shiko" stands on a perfectly stable leg on the shoulder of Welcome. His vision is even higher and further, representing the risk-taking that allows us to surpass ourselves and realize our dreams. I represented the birds that Leonardo da Vinci observed to imagine a machine to make humans fly, their greatest dream, which took a few more centuries before becoming a reality...