King Rama 9


I Feel Like Bird

There is a double meaning is the name I gave for this piece : Bird was the nickname of the American pioneering bop saxophonist Charlie Parker who born 7 years before HM King Rama 9, and the bird symbolise the freedom that jazz music give to the musician. HM King Bhumibol started to play saxophone from 1942 when he was studying in Lausanne (Switzerland), a passion that he kept throughout his life.

La Vie En Rose

The pink color has been associated with the King Rama 9 since royal astrologers said the hue was good for his health in 2007. "La Vie en Rose" is a very well known love song of 1946 which was sung by the most famous French singer of the time, Edith Piaf. As HM the King Rama 9 was living in Switzerland learning French language at this period. HM the King Rama 9 himself wrote few Love songs for his wife.


No Moon

This is the name of a love song wrote by H.M. the King Bhumibol for his loving wife. I painted this sculpture with gold color to represent the light of his wife. 

"No Moon, what do I care 'bout moonlight, I have your smile, love, that's shining just as bright, There's nothing I cannot do, dear, if you love me true, dear, I have nothing to fear, my way is always clear. No stars, I have no use for starlight, I've your twinkling eyes to guide me quite all right, Others may need the moon and even the stars too, But I'm happy, whenever I'm with you."

Pop Jazz

The pink is the color he wore at the end of his life, the fact that the body is chrome-plated like a mirror in which everyone sees himself, symbolizes the fact that the Thailand people recognize themselves in their king. This body is also the body of light that Buddhists wish to attain when leaving their bodies.

Yellow Echo

The body of the HM King Rama 9 is white for purity, the saxophone is yellow as it his color. The saxophone here is more like a megaphone who re-speak the king’s word across the land as an echo.


I Was Born In King Rama 9

The body of the sculpture is covered with the Thai number “9” for Rama 9. 

Each color represents the member of his close family: 

  • Yellow: The King Rama 9 & the King Rama 10 Maha Vajiralongkorn

  • Blue: Queen Sirikit

  • Red: Princess Ubolratana

  • Purple: Princess Sirindhorn

  • Orange: Princess Chulabhorn

  • Pink : The King Rama 9, his color for the last 10 years

Father Of The Nation

I painted the color of the flag of Thailand on the body. The flag’s colors are blue, white and red since 1917, like the colors of the allies. The king wears the garb of the nation and looks through his glasses with the Thai flag, so he sees what is good for his people. He looks like a Super Hero with a silver shield.