2018 - International -14 November 

Discover the 5 finalists of the trophy Culture / Art of living Trophies of the French of Asia, sponsored by Courrier International (Article in French)

Découvrez les 5 finalistes du Trophée Culture/Art de vivre des Trophées des Français d'Asie, parrainé par Courrier International.(Article en Français)

Artiste plasticien français basé à Bangkok, Arnaud Nazare Aga transmet sa philosophie de vie positive, héritée de son enseignement bouddhiste à travers ses sculptures colorées. Il est exposé dans de nombreuses galeries et ses oeuvres sont aussi présentes dans certains hôtels. Voir sa candidature ici


2018 - Magazine Latitudes - October-November

Article about the Centenial of Latécoère-Aéropostale line and the sculpture created by Arnaud Nazare-Aga representing this first intercontinental airmail company and the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (Article in English and French)


2018 - - 4 October

Raid Latécoère Aéropostale: a Bréguet to carry the Little Prince and two Saint-Exupéry to welcome him (Click To read)


2018 - International - 24 June

From Buddha to the Little Prince, Arnaud Nazare-Aga, the pursuit of happiness (Click to read)


2015 - VIDEO - Exposition Le Petit Prince in the Dark, images et interview - 6 May

(Cilck to read)


2018 - Magazine Latitudes - April-May


2018 - The Little Prince in Singapore

Elle Sgp Edition


2018 - The Tatler Weekend Round-Up - June 29 to July 1


2016 - South Korea Gyeonggi - 1 May - 18 September

The Little Prince Exhibition in South Korea : Gyeonggi Provincial Museum for the 130 th Anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between France and Korea.


2015 - Forbes Life Mai - 4 May

French Artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga's Little Prince Sculptures Seek To Open The Eyes And Touch The Heart


2015 - Media coverage in HongKong - November - December


2015 - Fullerton In Singapore - 3 May – 20 June

The Little Prince Art Collection & The Little Prince in the Dark – exhibitions at Alliance Francaise & during Voilah festival organised by the French Embassy


2014 Artheline Solo Exhibition At Koi Art Gallery – Bangkok, Thailand - 14 March