2019 - The Daily Newspaper Le Figaro - The Little Prince Has Return

the story of one of the biggest aeronautical museum in the world. In 2024 the Air and Space museum will be the media headquarters of the Olympic Games and our Little Prince World tour exhibition will end up here


2018 - International -14 November 

Discover the 5 finalists of the trophy Culture / Art of living Trophies of the French of Asia, sponsored by Courrier International (Article in French)

Découvrez les 5 finalistes du Trophée Culture/Art de vivre des Trophées des Français d'Asie, parrainé par Courrier International.(Article en Français)

Artiste plasticien français basé à Bangkok, Arnaud Nazare Aga transmet sa philosophie de vie positive, héritée de son enseignement bouddhiste à travers ses sculptures colorées. Il est exposé dans de nombreuses galeries et ses oeuvres sont aussi présentes dans certains hôtels. Voir sa candidature ici


2018 - Magazine Latitudes - October-November

Article about the Centenial of Latécoère-Aéropostale line and the sculpture created by Arnaud Nazare-Aga representing this first intercontinental airmail company and the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (Article in English and French)


2018 - Ladepeche.Fr - 4 October

Raid Latécoère Aéropostale: a Bréguet to carry the Little Prince and two Saint-Exupéry to welcome him (Click To read)


2018 - Lepetitjournal.Com International - 24 June

From Buddha to the Little Prince, Arnaud Nazare-Aga, the pursuit of happiness (Click to read)


2018 - The Little Prince in Singapore

Elle Sgp Edition


2018 - The Tatler Weekend Round-Up - June 29 to July 1


2016 - South Korea Gyeonggi - 1 May - 18 September

The Little Prince Exhibition in South Korea : Gyeonggi Provincial Museum for the 130 th Anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between France and Korea.


2015 - Forbes Life Mai - May 4

French Artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga's Little Prince Sculptures Seek To Open The Eyes And Touch The Heart


2015 - Media coverage in HongKong - November - December


2015 - Fullerton In Singapore - 3 May – 20 June

The Little Prince Art Collection & The Little Prince in the Dark – exhibitions at Alliance Francaise & during Voilah festival organised by the French Embassy